I don’t know yet, but I may well soon be out of work again. Something about lawsuits and the supreme court of Canada and so on and so forth. I’ll know more soon, I think. I guess this means I have to find another job now.

Now I imagine that I’ll have to come up with new and interesting ways to make some extra money, and probably go back to temping for a while. This, of course, is assuming that my current place of employment is shut down. *shrug* I’ll deal with it if it happens, I guess.

Today was an odd day. I’ve been moody all week, I think. I’m going to start webcasting again soon, and I plan on redoing fneucam. Yes, still. Maybe I’ll try and sell some pictures or something. Photo cards, 5$ each plus shipping. Your choice of any of my photos… or a whole bunch of unique ones for a special bulk rate. Or something. I have no idea. I’m tired and rambly.

It’s time to go out and take more photos.