I’m slowly becoming one of them. One of those Toronto people. The ones who don’t look at anyone else as they walk down the street. The ones that get scared when you talk to them. The ones that are rushing to get anywhere other than where they are because they’re just not happy there.

I’m slowly becoming one of them, and I want it to stop. I’ve been here too long.

I noticed tonight as I walked home from the subway. I don’t trust people on the streets. I’ve been yelled at out the windows of cars passing by, I’ve had people try to follow me home, I’ve had drunken homeless people yell at me and spit on my coat when I was walking past them, I’ve had catcalls from groups of ‘cool’ guys hanging out by their cars at midnight. And it’s all added up to make me go out of my way to avoid people on the streets now. I just want to get home, when I used to love walking around the city, looking at people and places and things.

I hate what I see myself becoming. I’m becoming one of them.

I have to get out of this place.