Saturday we took all the empty ikea frames and put photos in them, and then we hung them up on the wall. It looks good. If it wasn’t raining today, we’d take those frames down and stain them all with the blue stain we got for that purpose… but it’s raining today. Instead, we’re goiing to mop.

Such lives of excitement and drama we lead.

I spent a few hours playing guitar last night… learned a few new songs, so I’ve got a bit of new material when I do my next WarpedRadio cast. I have to figure out which days are free now… I don’t know if there’s a scheduled or not. Still have to install the casting software onto Adam’s computer (his room is set up as a perfect casting room. We could, in fact, cast an entire five piece band from there if we wanted to. We don’t have a five piece band, but I’ll bet you we could convince a Weirmier to come over and cast… If you haven’t heard the Weirmier, he sings and co-wrote most of the songs at Fable – specifically, he sings Freedom, How Could I, My American Beauty, and one of the versions of Time Takes Everything. Talented boy, my former roommate.


  • Anonymous

    May 13, 2002 at 10:52 am

    i will cast with you

    whenever i haul my ass down there.

    what are your plans for THIS weekend?


    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 13, 2002 at 12:56 pm

      Re: i will cast with you

      This weekend I might be going up north to Temagami.