Yesterday was a great day all around.

Adam bought me a makeover from Elmood Spa downtown for my birthday last October. I kept trying to find people to spend the day with, but to no avail. So finally, many months later, I made the call and set up the appointment. They were booked about five weeks in advance. Busy place.

Yesterday morning I got up and headed out to the spa for my makeover, all excited about it. The first thing they did was Check me in – almost like a hotel. They led me up to the third floor and into the womens dressing room, handing me a lock. “Take any locker,” she told me, “and use the robe hanging in it. Do you have any slippers?”

“No,” I replied, so she handed me a pair of disposable flip-flops, then took me into the Water Therapies room. She gave me a little piece of paper with my schedule on it, where I had to be for what service at what time. The first thing on my schedule was an hour of water therapy. Basically, they leave you in a room with a lounge deck, a pool, a hot tub, a steam room and a dry sauna. You wander between them for an hour, swimming and sitting and enjoying the quiet of the room, and the soothing water. It really was therapeutic. I enjoyed it immensely.

After my hour of water therapy, I had to go to the second floor for my hair colouring. In my robe, I stepped onto the elevator and headed down one floor. My hair stylist, Svet, was just great. I would go back to her in a second. She had to dry my hair first (it was still wet from the water therapy) then said, “Well, it looks like you like red…”

I laughed and agreed with her, and she brought over a hair swatch book, all the while telling me that she hates the books but there’s really no way to decide without them. When I pointed at the colour I wanted, she said, “Really? That’s a serious red.” I laughed again and said “Exactly!” so off she went to mix up the colour. From where I was sitting, it looks like a rather involved process… which only made me have that much more faith in her abilities.

She came back and started parting my hair in a far more efficient manner than I’ve ever done when colouring my own hair. I don’t think she could have missed a single strand, so thorough was she parting and separating my hair. I was impressed. She had to add something to the dye because she told me that she wanted to try and keep the colour as long as possible, so she was pulling out all the stops on it. Finally, the colour was all applied and she put a plastic bag on my head and sent me off to the eyebrow shaping esthetician.


No, seriously. It hurt. I’m not used to having my face waxed and plucked. My eyes kept watering. She seemed kind of surprised that I’d never had it done before. Heh… not everyone is so meticulous about their appearance. I was still dripping hair dye. I think I stained by lovely white terry robe that I wandered around in all morning.

Once the eyebrow shaping was done, I was quite happy to have it overwith. Traumatic experience, I tell you. But my eyes stand out a lot more now. I guess that’s why people get it done.

Next stop was back to Svet in the hairstyling area. She sat me back in my chair and said that I had to wait for the colour to set longer, handing me a couple of books to look at. “I already have an idea of what I want to do with your hair… but look at these anyway.” So I did, a few times over, not having much else to do while I sat waiting for the colour to instill itself into my hair.

Once she rinsed my hair off, I could tell it was considerably darker, but that was it. It wouldn’t be completely apparent what the colour was until it was dry.

I showed her the pictures I sort of liked, and she told me she had something similar in mind, then started to cut. Lots. I probably lost about four inches at least… hopefully all of the old bleached hair from the failed attempt at dying my hair purple a couple of years ago has all been swept into the Elmwood’s garbage. Then Svet ran out of time, and put my hair back in a clip, saying “okay… you have to come back after your last session here, I’m not done yet, but I have another person’s hair to do right now and we’re out of time.”

And so, off I went in my robe and slippers, up to the fourth floor. At the fourth floor, I was told I had to wait a bit, and would I like a cup of tea or coffee, or some juice, or perhaps a snack at the restaurant inside the spa… all this I could do while still in my bathrobe and slippers. I was impressed. I had a cup of tea and read Flare magazine until Andrea, the manicure girl, was ready for me.

The manicure was a new experience for me. I’ve never had someone do my nails to quite that extent before. She even gave me a hand massage, and that was just lovely. I want someone to give me hand massages on demand now. Especially after playing guitar. She had me pick out a colour I liked (I decided on smokey blue) and filed my nails all evenly and was just expert at applying the polish without getting it all over the place (this is a problem I run into frequently.)

It was nice. I’d do it again. And next time I think I want to get a pedicure too. Mmmmm foot pampering…

After the manicure I was sent back down to the third floor for my makeup application and lesson. As I walked around the counter, I ran into Adam, who was looking for me because it was around the time when I was supposed to be done. Standing there in my robe, I told him that I would probably be another half hour, and went to get my make-up application and lesson.

The girl doing the application and lesson got a bit flustered by the amount which I didn’t speak (I don’t speak well with strangers) and was worried that no one told me about how she was supposed to talk to me about everything she was doing. I assured her that I knew, and I really learned a lot of tricks and tips about make-up application that I never knew before. I rarely wear makeup. She also put light pastel colours on me, where I tend to use all browns all the time… and the blue looked just great. I was happy with it. So now I want to go out and buy some blue and pink colours of makeup and try the tricks she showed me… and now I know how to apply lipliner. Yay me. I looked all smokey and sexy and my eyes were standing out so much.

Once the makeup was done, Svet noticed and said to me, “Do you want to go get dressed and I’ll finish up here?” And so, back I went to floor three, where my locker and clothing was. I changed back into my clothes and out of the ultra-comfortable robe I had been wearing for four hours, and headed back to floor to, to wait for my hair to be completed.

As I was waiting on the second floor, Adam appeared again, to wait with me. Apparently my eyes were the first thing Adam noticed – he kept staring at them. We sat and waited a few minutes, then Svet came over and said “okay, let’s finish your hair.”

She took out the clip, pulled out a hair dryer and started to brush, snip, brush, dry, brush, cut, and so on. I knew she was layering it now, and the dryer my hair got, the more intense the colour became. By the time she was done cutting and layering and drying, I had a huge grin on my face. When she asked me if I liked it I said yes quite enthusiastically, and she laughed and said, “Yeah, I could tell by the grin.” It was just great.

And then, four and a half hours after I had checked in, it was all done. Water Therapies, Manicure, Hair cut, colour and style, brow shaping, makeup application and lesson… I just felt bouncy and happy and light. My hair was bouncing as I walked, and every time I caught sight of the colour and cut in a mirror I just had to look again and smile. I think for a while there I felt so good I was strutting… I knew the colour was great, I knew the cut was great, I knew the makeup was great, and I felt so incredibly good that I think I might have been sparkling or something. And Adam just kept looking at me, completely speechless. That felt good too. The girl at the counter as I checked out of the Spa said to me “Wow, that’s a great colour!” And it was.

We got a snack and headed home, with the intention of going out for dinner and to the Second City for the evening. We had dinner at a great restaurant in the theatre district, Milano, where I had steak… Oh how I love steak. We shared some wine and toasted to a year together (give or take a few weeks, it’s pretty vague) and had a lovely evening together at the Second City.

All in all, it was just a lovely day. I have a wonderful boyfriend. It was a happy day, and I hope to go back to the spa in the future for more pampering and such… and to maintain this incredible colour. You couldn’t get this colour from a drug store bottle… of that I am certain.