Sunday recap

I was too tired to write about Sunday after writing about Saturday…

Sunday morning Adam and I met up with Suraklin for coffee in the computer store stretch at college & Spadina. It was fun, but the two of us had to take off for Lawrence and Bathurst to meet up with Adam’s parents and brother, so we could go see Star Wars Episode II (for a second time) at the Colossus. The only viable way to get to Colossus is by car. We were going to that theatre specifically because it is one of the ones with a Digital theatre in it, and Adam’s brother wanted to see the movie in Digital. I think it was his third or fourth time seeing it, and his second time in digital.

My observations of seeing it in digital:

  • Sound: No noticeable difference
  • Picture Quality: Very clear, very rich colours – those weird lines that show up in the theatre were completely gone, the black dots that tell the person in the projection booth when to switch reels were completely gone.
  • Extra “Scene”: Not really an extra scene, more like a tiny barely noticeable addition to a scene that really was lacking in impact. Oooh look, his hand moved differently. Yeah.

    Overall, though, it was an interesting experience. The clarity of picture was definitely the high point. It’s one of those things that, if it was in every theatre and every movie was filmed in digital, we would go “wow” for about a week, then take it for granted, and if we went back to see a movie in the current standard format we’d complain about how messy the film was. We wouldn’t appreciate it until we lost it, basically. That’s what I think, anyhow.

    After the movie we went to Adam’s Grandparents house and had a Barbeque. This not being able to have cheese on a burger thing just bites. It was good though. The family was all there, I tried to remain as inconspicuous as possible for the evening. Never was good at big family gatherings of other people’s families.

    The whole weekend just felt like we were moving around and doing something the entire time. Now that it’s a weekday, I think we can relax again.


    • johnboze

      May 27, 2002 at 11:32 am

      I’m not sure there is a “Colossus” on the list of DLP theatres I have.

      There are no DLP theatres within less than a day trip from me, so I looked for showings along my route when I come out for SecretCon. The Chicago ones I don’t want to go to, because my plan is to not stop in Chicago, if at all possible. The Michigan ones are just a little bit too far for me to make them by the time a movie might be starting.

      So probably I will go to the Winson Churchill 24 up in your neck of the woods. I wasn’t going to propose it as a SecretCon activity because I figured anyone in Toronto would have already seen it in digital projection because they could.

      • Jenny Lee Silver

        May 27, 2002 at 11:43 am

        Yeah. that’s the other digital theatre in the toronto area. Colossus is a famous players at 400 & 7.

      • Jenny Lee Silver

        May 27, 2002 at 11:47 am

        Oh yeah… and lots of people don’t go to those theatres because they’re virtually inaccessible by Transit, which means you need either a car, or a friend with a car. Winston Churchill and the colossus are not in toronto proper. They’re both way north, outside of the TTC zone.