I feel very very tired. I don’t think I’ve spent enough time at home this weekend. However, I have acquired my usual mild beginning of summer burn, which is always pleasant in a strange sort of way.

I now have six rolls of film that I really have to get developed, three of which were taken this weekend. SecretCon, naturally.

We’re awaiting a call from the Weirmier to see him one last time before he goes on European tour with this celtic band Tanglefoot. I’m betting he’s going to have a blast while he’s gone, but we shall certainly miss him. Talented freakboy.

SecretCon was fun. I’ve confirmed a couple of previous observations about myself this weekend:
1 – I am not overtly social and outgoing in group situations
2 – I am not a city person, and I don’t like doing city person things like dancing at clubs and such. And I barely like karaoke anymore.

I wish, more than anything right now, that I owned a car. A shitbox, something that looked like hell, don’t care if it has air conditioning, don’t care if it’s a convertible, just as long as it runs well and can handle long trips and keep up with traffic and I can trust it not to break down… I would kill for that. I hate feeling so trapped here sometimes, waiting and hoping that someone somewhere will take pity and take me away somewhere. I envy those of you with cars.

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  • templier

    June 9, 2002 at 10:47 pm


    As I observed on Saturday:

    I don’t think you’ve ever really been a “city person”…one good night of fun at the Dance Cave doesn’t count. 😉
    Karaoke last night was pretty shitty compared to how it used to be there, Wednesdays closer to home are better.

    ‘Tis nice to see you again, the occasions are too few and far between.