It was a good weekend… Copious amounts of sunlight makes me happy, if sleepy. And I like people. Now it’s back to work, which is also nice. Wow… work that I enjoy. Go figure. This place rocks, and I like where I am right now.

I’m not sure when I’ll get the films developed, I was thinking of taking them to wal-mart (evil place) where they have the cheapest photo developing in town that I’m close to. I’ll check the bank account I guess, see if I’m up to it. I hope I get enough work this month to catch up on stuff… that would be sweet. I miss the sense of safety my cellphone provides me with. It’s not that I phone people often, but I like having the option to do so when I’m in trouble (like when someone tries to follow me home at night… *shudder*)

Only problem with outsideness is that weird sinus headache I get every time I leave my house. It lingers a while, then goes away, and it’s year-round. I have yet to figure it out, and it’s a bit too ephemereal (wonder if I used that word right?) to really ask my doctor about it.

Anyhow… I’m happy. I like being happy. And I like listening to people, which I got to do a lot of this weekend.

Adam & I are both going to sincerely miss the Weirmier while he’s gone.