I think Dayle must be the neediest cat of all time. We lock him out for the night, he waits at the door come morning for us to wake up. Then he follows us around wherever we go all morning, until we sit down. Then he jumps on the desk in front of the monitor, meows and purrs at us and waits for us to pay oodles of attention to him. Then he goes to the other one of us and does the exact same thing all over again. This lasts about two hours each morning, unless we leave before he can get through it all. No idea where Sera is through all of this.

He does the same after we get home from work, too. And at various intervals throughout the day, if we’re home… he walks up to us, meows, jumps in front of our screen/book, meows more, demands absolute attention for about ten minutes, then goes away.