So if there’s a civic workers strike (set to begin at 12:01am Monday) then there will be no garbage pickup. People with cars can drop their trash off at one of the dropoffs they’ve set up. People without cars don’t have any options.

The current temperatures in Toronto are averaging around 30 Celcius, and brutally humid. Some guy in Etobicoke was found dead today, they think it might be heat-related.

Garbage smells bad when it’s hot.

I swear I’m never going outside in this city again.

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  • strange

    June 23, 2002 at 10:45 am

    I think everyone in the city (car or not) should just put their garbage out on the usual corner come pickup day and then just let it sit there. If they are on strike, why should it be the individual citizen whose tax dollars pay for this service, pick up their slack when they are already not getting what they paid for. Think of it if there are hundreds of thousands of bags of garbage festering and stinking up the city, leading up to World Youth Day and all the other shit that’s happening this summer, how soon you think the city is going to make a deal with those strikers? REAL SOON. The public just has to say, fuck you we’re not taking it anymore and then the city would HAVE to resolve this quickly.