Man… it’s Thursday, and usually I try to cast on thursday, but I’m just wiped out tonight. Don’t even know why really. And I’m incredibly pissed off that I can’t access my FneuList… which makes me feel less like casting. I can’t even access that email account anymore. I despise Yahoo.

I dread spending five or six hours in a car tomorrow. Normally I don’t. But I have this odd feeling that I might blow up or something tomorrow. Beware.

Strange mood tonight. Nothing I can put a finger on, just kind of not quite here. I had this blast of inspiration last night, around 3am when I was trying to sleep. I chose sleep instead of writing it down. Now I just don’t care about it anymore, even though I remember it. I really need to get out of the city.

Oh yeah… I used to write. I remember that. Vaguely.