Oki attracts insects. Mosquitos especially. He makes a great bug sheild.

Temagami was, as always, the most beautiful place in the world. I can’t get enough of it.

We’re going to give notice on our apartment. Just can’t carry it. Can’t afford to live among regular normal functioning society… this living below poverty level thing is just wearing us thin. Have I mentioned lately just how sick I am of moving? Bone-weary. I just want to stay in one place for a while. This was supposed to be that place. I guess not this time.

Threw the Cam on for a bit. I keep leaving it in the other room, and since I’m not in that room, I don’t turn it on anymore.

I saw four m00se on the weekend… that was kinda neat. I took lots of pictures too, not sure when I’ll get them developed, hopefully sometime this month. That’s five rolls of film I have to get done. I can never keep up with this hobby… I’ll bet I’ve spent enough in developing and film this year alone to be able to buy three digital cameras.

The strangest thing happened when we got back… we noticed that Dayle and Sera are both sleeping on what used to be Dayle’s box (as shown in these pictures of the housewarming taken by Traycer.) Sera has NEVER gone up there before. I think they bonded over the weekend we left them alone or something. It’s completely odd. I may snap a pic of it on the cam.

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  • msfancypants

    July 2, 2002 at 8:04 pm

    But where will you go?