Tonight I am painfully full of food on someone else’s tab. This is good.

We saw Minority Report today with Shawn (Adam’s brother.) I sincerely enjoyed it. Just about when I thought it was going in a direction I expected, it changed direction and took a tangent. I liked that.

On Saturday we went to a wedding shower. It was a lot of fun… The wedding should be equally as fun. I’m looking forward to it… and hey, it’ll be the first wedding of actual friends of mine that I’ve ever been to (even if they were Adam’s friends first… I seem to manage a good part of the time to be friends with his friends independently of him, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable spending time with them… all for the good, I feel.)

At any rate, I’ve only ever been to one wedding, and that was my mother’s… and it was certainly not as planned and orchestrated as this one is (fifteen people in my mother’s living room vs. a huge outdoor ceremony with bridesmaids and all those other people involved in wedding things…) Should be very nice. I got this strange impression that the Bride-to-be’s father liked talking to me. Odd thing was, I actually talked to him. Fathers generally scare me.