Well, I think the upset stomach thing has finally passed. Now I’m just paying for not having eaten last night. Ahh well, hopefully I can catch up at lunch, although I may have to dip into the laundry change to pull together enough money to buy lunch (note to self, go to bank and deposit pay already!)

Dayle’s being very lovey this morning, following me around, sitting on my lap, purring all the way. He has his moments of sweetness, this monstercat.

I did, however, buy teabags with my change yesterday, which is a very good thing. We had run out of tea two days ago. I’m not very good at functioning without my comfort drink.

This morning, the landlady’s daughter leaned on my doorbell and woke me up. It must’ve rang like five or six times in a row, dingdongdingdongdingdong…. I panicked and got up and threw on clothes, and stumbled to the door to find out who needed to get into my house so desperately. My foot was asleep and numb, so I could barely walk. It was odd. When I got to the door and opened it, I looked out and there was the landlady and her daughter and some other guy, all talking. They didn’t even look at me or notice I’d opened my door. Blast them for waking me up.

The landlady told me that tonight at 5 she has people coming in to take pictures of our apartment so she can list it online. I wonder if that means it’s going up on ViewIt? What a great site.

Okay… I’m still half-asleep, and must go get ready for work now. Enough rambling.


  • Anonymous

    February 14, 2004 at 12:32 am

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    • Jenny Lee Silver

      February 14, 2004 at 8:14 am

      Re: Tenant rights

      Heh… that post was written in july of 2002. Moved out of there ages ago. 🙂