Landlady came to pester me about the litter. I had thought it was clean, but apparently it’s not clean enough for her, and the reason she can’t rent the apartment out is that the litterbox smells. Hmm. Wonder if it ever occurred to her that the place is too expensive? Doubt it.

I’m sick of this. I want to curl up and die right now. I am so completely tired of everything right at this moment… I could just go up to the airport, catch the first standby I could find, and disappear and leave everything behind, except I know I won’t. Sometimes, though, the thought occurs to me and I actually consider it for a couple of minutes.

Isn’t this fucking week over yet?

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  • lowkey

    August 1, 2002 at 4:09 pm

    I’ve thought about that often, as well. It’s really fun to think about, but I’m too chicken to ever try it out. That and practically everyone I know would be mad at me for just upping and taking off at the drop of a hat. Oh well. Still fun to think about. And yes, the week’s almost over. =)