Still no net (obviously not at home right now.) Can barely check email (can read, can’t reply.) Good thing I haven’t actually received much, per se. Hopefully people don’t mind waiting for replies, it could be a while.

Phone’s running, finally. If you knew my old number, it’ll tell you my new one, should you be so inclined as to call me. Otherwise, maybe I’ll make my new address available… Yeah. Think I’ll do that.

Trapped in the apartment and surrounding areas currently. Didn’t work at all last week, which has thrown my already tenuous budget off pretty hardcore. Such is life, Trying to get a second part time job anyhow.

I still love the new place. Pretty much all unpacked, and bored as hell. I read many De Lint books this week. I’m getting burned out on reading. I’ve moved on to Carl Sagan books. My brain will soon implode.