It seems when I think I might be able to catch up with debt, or at least start to keep up with it, something else gets tossed at me. I move to a smaller apartment so we can afford rent and food on what I make in a month, and then the first week of the month I don’t get called in to work. Out the window goes the already stretched budget, and I start looking for more stuff to sell. I’m thinking maybe Yard Sale. Who needs all those cds anyway?

Oh wait. No one makes any money at a yard sale, because you can’t sell anything for more than 25 cents. I forgot.

The stupid organ is in our storage room. Can’t sell the thing, given up trying. I’d like to make a bonfire out of it now.

Ahh well. At least my early bday present will keep me entertained while the rest of my world falls into squalor. Mmmm neverwinter nights…