Dream: A house tried to kill me today…

I dreamed I was in a house (like a small dormitory, it was an old building,) teaching a seminar or something like that. When I was done teaching, the house started to kill.

There was blood and bodies of students (college-aged) everywhere. The walls were filled with insects that squirmed and burrowed and would bite and take chunks out of you if you were too close to them. They were a bit fuzzy like caterpillars, but a lot softer, and they moved like silverfish. They were kind of squishy to the touch, but if you tried to kill them with your hands they’d bite you.

The walls were crumbling around us. Adam & I were there, and someone else – one of the students, I think. Adam & I had dogs with us, a golden lab and a greyhound. I reached out to hold up one of the walls that was about to fall on the lab, and when I pulled my hands back I had one of the bugs on me. It bit me and I started bleeding, but I didn’t give it a chance to latch on and kill me (the bugs had done so to other people.)

There was so much blood everywhere. And people screaming every so often in the background. I saw a few people die, but from far away, like I couldn’t reach them. It was all quite disturbing, but I was spending most of my time trying to assure the third person with Adam & I that we were going to get out.

In one spot where the wall had crumbled, one of the dogs tried to climb into the hole in the wall. I went over to pull it back out, and when I looked in the hole, I could only see pitch black darkness, like the light got as far as where the opening was, and then there was a pit of blackness below. I had to catch the greyhound, he nearly fell into the pit – he was standing on a narrow 2×4 beam in the wall and he lost his balance.

The only other stuff I can remember is the blood – endless amounts of blood – and the overbearing feeling that the house had serious animosity towards us. And I think we were making progress towards getting out of the house, but we hadn’t gotten out by the time I woke up.