dream: People from the past

Neverwinter Nights owns my soul.

That is all.

I dreamed last night that cyn and I were on the subway (which didn’t stop, you had to jump on and off it at platforms while it was moving. She wanted to find Linda, whom I haven’t heard from in a long while, so I took her to Linda’s old locker at the College she went to. (Just weirdness, since in the time I knew linda she never went to college…)

When we arrived at the lockers, I showed her the one Linda used to use. When I turned around, there was a crowd of students, and I saw Tami standing there talking to friends. Tami (Tamara) looked at me like she didn’t recognize me for a minute, but I kept staring at her trying to figure out why she was there. Finally a light when on in her head and she said, “you’re ________, right?” giving a name that I didn’t recognize. She tried a second time with a different name, and I shook my head. Then I turned around and there was Rachel, Tami’s older sister and one of my best friends from public & high school. She recognized me right away. I couldn’t figure out why they were students at Linda’s old school.

Rachel & I talked for a while, I don’t know what about. I woke up soon afterwards.

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  • cyn

    September 12, 2002 at 9:00 am

    i’ve had wacky dreams about subways like that too! how strange