Wish I knew what the hell was wrong with me this week. I’m trying so hard to not be moody, but it’s exploding back at me something fierce. Not only am I moody, but I’ve become violently moody when there’s absolutely no indication or warning. And I can’t seem to get out from a cloud this week.

I guess I could chalk it up to the stress of massive life changes, but still, I feel like this is just a tad excessive.

My method of dealing with some things this week has gone to hell. I have no idea how Adam’s managing to deal with me, because I’m personally just about ready to wash my hands of myself. I guess he’s got more patience than I do.

Still, I’m completely tired of feeling so emotional, listless, unable to manage perfectly normal everyday situations. Can’t ask for help, either, but I’ve never been good at that. Besides, I don’t even know what sort of help I would want. I don’t know what’s actually wrong with me.

Stupid domain name registration frustrating the hell out of me on top of it. This world belongs to people with credit cards.