I had a good time last night. Not too many people turned out, but those that did I was very happy to see. A few people I would’ve liked to have seen didn’t make it, so I guess I was a little disappointed, but maybe I’ll still get a chance to see them before I move in the next two weeks. Or at least some of them.

To those who made it last night, you all rock. I’ll miss you a lot when we go.

The band that played was just great, some guy from the Platters doing some great motown, and a kickass sax player who walked around the place a couple of times playing in the middle of songs. I wasn’t expecting for there to be a band, but was quite happy that it was a good one.

Looks like Fneucam is back up. This is good, because it means my fneucam.com email should be working again.

Otherwise… I really truly wish someone would call or email or msg me and tell me what’s going on with today. I don’t want to base my day around something and then find out when the day’s mostly over that it’s not going to happen. I hate being without information, and right now I have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

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  • strange

    December 7, 2002 at 9:37 pm

    Sorry i didn’t make it out, swamped in prelaunch details. This weekend is nutso.