The nap was enough to get me back out the door to Cyn & Monica’s book prelaunch show, for which I am happy. Not that I was particularly clever or awake for it, but I was there, and I enjoyed many of the performers tonight (haven’t been out to a spoken word thing in a while.)

Plus, I got to see Mr. daruba for the first time in ages, which rocked, as well as Aphyd and duhbigman and sabbat and many other people whose names I have misplaced.

That is the last time I am going to be able to go out before the move… Had to borrow money for transit home tonight, so we’re definitely housebound now. If I get called into work, I’ll have to figure out where to find the money for that transit to… but at least then I’ll have a little bit of cash to take with me when we go up north.

I’m tired, and sore, and bone-cold. I think it’s nearly time for bed. I think I’ll make much Lasagne tomorrow night. If you bring dessert, ceasar salad, or red wine, feel free to come over and share in the beauty that is home-made JennyLee lasagne. I make lots.

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  • strange

    December 9, 2002 at 5:18 am

    Thanks for coming out, sweetie, it was great seeing you.