Because I know today’s going to be pretty uneventful, so I might as well entertain myself with this.
—> Name: JennyLee
—> Birthdate: 1st October, 1976
—> Current Location: Toronto for two weeks, then new Liskeard
—> Zodiac Sign: Libra, Dragon
—> Innie or Outtie: Innie

// series two – describe
—> The shoes you wore today: I’m still in my housecoat – no shoes on.
—> Your hair: Dyed red
—> Your eyes: changing (grey, blue, green, brown, any combination of the above)
—> Your weakness: Caramel Cone Explosion
—> Your fears: Coming home to find out I’ve been left.

// series three – what is
—> Your most overused phrase on messenger: Fneu
—> Your thoughts first waking up: I don’t think when I wake up. I wander in a haze of nothingness for at least an hour.
—> The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: Eyes, voice
—> Your best physical features: hmm… my skin, maybe? It’s all soft and stuff
—> Your usual bedtime: Bedtime is usually around midnite. Don’t fall asleep for hours most of the time though.
—> Your greatest accomplishment: Still working on it
—> Your best memory: Temagami, the very first time I went up there.

// series four – do you
—> Smoke: no
—> Cuss: fuckin’ eh
—> Sing well: yes
—> Take a shower everyday: no
—> Want to go to college: yes, again
—> Like high school: nope
—> Want to get married: Yes
—> Type with your fingers on the right keys: home row rocks my world
—> Believe in yourself: Not as much as Adam believes in me…
—> Get motion sickness: rarely
—> Think you’re attractive: yes
—> Think you’re a health freak: nope
—> Get along with your parents: somewhat
—> Like thunderstorms: absolutely
—> Play an instrument: Guitar, flute, a bit of piano

// series five – in the past month…week did/have you
—> Drank alcohol: yes
—> Smoke(d): no
—> Done a drug: yes
—> Made Out: yes
—> Go on a date: no
—> Go to the mall?: nope. Malls are annoying, especially at this time of the year, and most especially when you’re broke.
—> Been on stage: no
—> Been dumped: no
—> Gone skating: no
—> Made homemade cookies: no, but I wanted to.
—> Been in love: yes
—> Gone skinny dipping: no… it’s freakin winter.
—> Dyed your hair: no
—> Stolen anything: no

// series six – have you ever?
—> Played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes
—> Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
—> Been caught “doing something”: Say what? I’ve been caught doing many things… I never get away with stuff.
—> Been called a tease: yes
—> Gotten beaten up: bi
—> Shoplifted: no
—> If so, did you get caught: n/a
—> Changed who you were to fit in: Oh, probably. I don’t always notice these things.

// series seven – the future
—> Age you hope to be married: before 30.
—> Numbers and Names of Children: at least two, and names will be decided later.
—> Describe your Dream Wedding: I just want fireworks like the ones from the Fellowship of the Ring – the kind that turn into a dragon and chase down the guests. Oh yeah.
—> What age do you want to die: I’d rather not have any idea.
—> What do you want to be when you grow up: A photographer
—> What country would you most like to visit: New Zealand
—> Current Clothes: Blue housecoat with gold stars & moons on it.
—> Current Mood: Pre waking up fully sort of grogginess
—> Current Taste: Tetley Orange Pekoe tea
—> Current Hair: Same as it always looks, but not brushed yet.
—> Current Annoyance: It was the cat begging to be let out, but Adam let him out, so now I’m not annoyed with anything.
—> Current Smell: Can’t smell in the morning. Throat’s too dry.
—> Current thing you ought to be doing: Packing for a move
—> Current Favorite Groups: Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox 20, Toad the Wet Sprocket (hmm… like acoustic rock much?)
—> Current DVD In Player: (VHS in VCR, in this house): The BBC Planets Documentary, tape six. It was really good.
—> Current Worry: That I’ll never hear back from Bioware about anything, one way or the other.
—> Current Crush: Adam. Still. Wahoo!