Such a long day. We went to the hospital to get Adam’s knee looked at by some specialist orthopedic surgeon or something. He prescribed low-impact exercise and physio. Then we met up with Adam’s brother Jordy and headed to the far north (Steeles & Bathurst) to visit their grandparents.

It’s kind of stressful going to visit them. His grandfather’s really sick and everyone’s always running around in twenty directions telling people what to do and how to make things better and such… It wears me out to watch them. Every time I go, lately, his grandmother and I end up sitting in the kitchen alone at some point, and she tells me about how tired she is and how frustrated she is and everything. I feel like I’ve become the non-family confidant somehow. I guess I’m not the evil gentile girl that’s leading her grandson to the dark side anymore.

We were in that chaotic environment for a long time, getting more and more hungry. Eventually we got some money from Adam’s mom and went for fast food at the greasiest, most skidly Burger King I’ve ever been inside of. Then the extremely long trip home by TTC, since we live nearly as far as you can get from Bathurst and Steeles without leaving the city. Just got home half an hour ago. Can’t help but feel a bit exhausted from all that.