3 – Macbeth

At an exceptionally young age, Macbeth was already capricious. As a kitten he would scale anything and everything that seemed a challenge, from bookshelves to tall scottish men. It was then that Macbeth learned to fly.

One of his forays into the heights of a six foot tall bookcase lead him to great treasure, when he found two bags of recreational pharmaceuticals, one of which was catnip. Upon eating the catnip, he ventured into the other bag, and the land of wonderland where mushrooms make you taller and cheshire cats are perpetually grinning. He returned from his three day trip to Wonderland a changed creature.

Now four years of age, Macbeth retains his affinity for high places, climbing up to the greatest heights he can achieve in a room. He is often chided by Twig, who has no problem with setting the brash youth on his heels. Macbeth swaggers into a room as though he is the king of all he surveys, but his fighting skills lack any true fierceness. He is truly all growl but no claw, but he plays the part well.


  • tasslehoff

    December 27, 2002 at 5:42 pm

    I would retain an affinity for high places too, if I found ‘shrooms up there. ;D

  • mishamish

    December 27, 2002 at 11:36 pm

    Not that it’s AT ALL related…

    But since you’re the only reader I have who DOESN’T know: I keep my actual writing at OpenDiary, username Mishamikeymoo. The anonymous reader password is Buggrit, if you care to leave notes. Just in case your interested.

    And I’ve gotta quit reading these cat posts. They remind me too much of my ex-cats (or my ex’s cats, depending on how you look at it). 🙂