The wind is blowing the falling snow every which way and I keep hearing strange noises in the house. I’d like to have a bath today… but only if there’s just Adam and I here, and I don’t know if Tyna is working all day or not.

The hot tub pump appears to be leaking, so we emptied it. The washing machine, which was fixed, is now broken again, and I have yet to do laundry. We tried to order a helmet for the skidoo yesterday, but the warehouses are all out of stock until March 14th or so. All this snow and we can’t even go out in it (it’s a little too much to walk through the snow to interesting places… that’s what the skidoos are for.) My computer is dying a slow, painful death and I can see no way of repairing or replacing it. Oh, and the oven door won’t close again, so we can’t cook anything that requires oven usage.

Adam’s been in a bad mood the past few days, and it’s rubbed off on me, much as I tried not to let it. Please send me happy messages. I need to feel better. It’s days like these that I miss having someone I can go for coffee with on my own, someone I can talk to that I don’t live with. There’s no one here like that for me.

I did, however, get to watch Adam’s dad spay a dog yesterday. It was really cool. It doesn’t look that difficult, you just have to be careful (obviously… you are messing with the innards of an animal, after all.) It makes me realize, however, that I actually have the stomach to do veterinary medecine… blood doesn’t freak me out, nor does looking at and moving around inside an animal. I still don’t really like needles, but I can watch them now, which is weird for me considering how much they freaked me out before. And the only reason I didn’t go to vet school after high school? I wanted out of Iroquois desperately so I didn’t stay for my OAC year (which you need for admission to university) and I wasn’t very good at math, which I assumed would mean I couldn’t get accepted into a university anyhow. I got 80s and 90s in everything but math – I got 53% in grade 12 advanced. I have since learned that I really didn’t need that much math to get into Guelph University – things that guidance counsellors don’t bother to tell you. Instead I went to college and took a cop-out course in Broadcasting, which I quit after one year, then Music Industry Arts, where I realized after second year that I had no interest in going into the industry itself, so I never bothered to hand in a final project and never got my diploma.

Still, I don’t think I would have wanted to go to University for seven years right after high school. Too much happened at that point in my life, and I wouldn’t have made it out of there without failing either.

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  • msfancypants

    February 19, 2003 at 10:48 am

    I did, however, get to watch Adam’s dad spay a dog yesterday.

    I wanna be supportive. Really I do. But eek!

    Miss you, Girlie. 🙂