First of all, happy late birthdays to strangegrrl and to my little sister Laurie and to little Averyanna (here’s hoping I a) remembered her name right and b) spelled it right…)

Second of all, I like skidooing. It’s a strange group activity that leaves you alone inside your helmet with nothing but your thoughts – a solitary group activity. It’s really a lot of fun. No need to make small talk with people, you just drive and play in snow. I’d like to do more, but I’m not sure if there’s any time left in the season for it, which makes me sad. Also: when skidooing, wear a sports bra.

Driving a car on an ice road across lake Temagami is surreal and creepy. Driving the skidoos over the snow on the lake was weird, but it was over snow. When I took the car from Bear Island into the town of Temagami, I had to drive on the ice road – which was fine when it was snow, but when you reached patches of pure thick ice, it was very difficult to not think about the fact that you’re driving on a lake, albeit a frozen one. Your mind starts to give you flashes of the ice breaking and falling into the water and so on… even though you know logically the ice is like ten feet thick and cars have been driving back and forth on this road for years without incident. Creepy.

The stars are much more numerous and clear in the winter. Too bad you can only stand outside for about a minute and a half before your feet go numb when it’s that cold.

I feel more at home at the cottage than I do in this house. If the cottage hadn’t been sold, I would try and move out there for the summer. Unfortunately it changes hands at the end of May. This makes me sad also.