I spent most of this evening playing guitar while Adam, Jordy and Vachel played Command and Conquer. Definitely not my sort of game. Both of Adam’s parents individually came downstairs and said I sounded very nice and I should play this friday at the Art Show opening. I figure there are already enough people playing at the opening that they really won’t want or need me to play. Besides, I’d only do covers anyhow. And besides, one of my pictures is already in the show.

I taught myself how to play Both Hands tonight. I forgot I wanted to learn it until now. I love you Ani.

A photo I took is being used in the most recent issue of Surface & Symbol, the Scarborough Arts Council’s newspaper. It’s a picture I took of the Weirmier’s band, Tanglefoot. Yipee!

I bit my finger. It was a dumb thing to do and I feel pretty silly. And it hurts a lot. At least I didn’t break the skin or anything.

I am bored and I can’t just go to bed because the boys are on my computer in my bedroom playing a game. Blasted. Perhaps I will look for people on IRC instead.