Logically, though, I really can’t go to Toronto with the car this week, even if I did have the gas money.

  1. Someone has to take care of the six cats.
  2. While Adam’s parents took Cassie, they left Chestnut (he’s too old to make the run from Bear island to the cottage) and he will need extra love and attention or he will succumb to horrible depression. Nothing worse than a depressed dog.
  3. Adam’s parents would flip if we just took off like that (snow paranoia would kick in. They fear the snow.)
  4. They left us with the red Escort, which I don’t entirely trust to make the five hour drive each way.
  5. We couldn’t afford to feed ourselves in Toronto
  6. Adam is still quite sick.
  7. I still feel like I’m catching something.

It is entirely unreasonable, based on these facts, to actually seriously consider driving down south. It was a nice thought for a while though.

Last night was fun. I actually got up and sang and played a few songs. The sore throat made it a bit challenging, and I’m told that the mic level wasn’t high enough, but people seemed to like it. And hey, they all seem to love Blue Rodeo. What more could I want from an audience?

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  • mishamish

    March 9, 2003 at 8:04 pm

    Waitwaitwait… You live in Canada, right? As do Adam’s parents I assume. And they are AFRAID of SNOW!?! I mean… I live in Georgia. That would be like me being afraid of… well, alot. Rednecks. Humidity. Squirrels. Actually, I am a little afraid of squirrels. I swear, they’re only playing dumb to make us lower our defenses. Then, when we’re not paying attention, all those highway accidents and “oops, another squirrel stepped on a high-voltage transformer again” incidents are going to be avenged. *I* know their master plans. And Rednecks, too. Though not as intelligent as squirrels, I have seen “Deliverance” and it chilled me to the core. Okay, and humidity is just annoying.

    Okay, I suppose it’s not so out there after all. Carry on.