Nearly passed out swimming. Front crawl and I aren’t very good friends, and my being in a not great mood meant I just pushed further than I should have. Go me! Such a stubborn bith. I feel fine now, though. Sat in the sauna and the hot tub before we came back home.

I asked about borrowing a roto-tiller today. Adam’s dad is pretty sure he can get one without a problem, and he’s thinking about the best place to put a garden now. It’s still too early to actually till the ground or anything, since the snow hasn’t all melted yet (although the creek in the ravine beside the house is starting to flood.) They closed the snowmobile trails officially today… I don’t think anyone’s been able to use them for a week, though. Most of the trails look like they’re just mud now.

My old teacher never bothered to email me back. I’m disappointed, and it makes me feel a little more invisible. Maybe I should go treeplanting for the summer or something. Would have to find out from Daruba how one goes about doing that… Probably be really bad on my knees. Aggravating my weaknesses rocks! Or maybe it would be fine. I have no idea, really.