Ketzel’s pretty much the same as two days ago. It’s not likely she’ll get any better, but she’s getting a chance to pull out of it anyhow. Poor girl. It reminds me a little of when my grandfather was dying… the last time I remember seeing him, he was all yellow-skinned and weak, for basically the same reasons.

It’s turned a bit cold again. I was just getting used to the warming up spring feeling, and now it’s snowing again. Most of the snow from the winter is gone now, and this flurry probably won’t pile up and stay more than a day or two if that.

Adam’s downstairs trying out a Command & Conquer strategy he hopes to use on Vachel later. I was watching TV, but I got tired of watching Just shoot me episodes one after the other, and there’s pretty much nothing else on. I also woke up with yesterday’s headache still lurking, it’s being quite annoying.

I think I may go out to the trailer and search for the box with my old motherboard in it. That’ll be… uh… something. And maybe I’ll take Dayle out in his pink halter on a leash again. He’ll love it… 😉