I finally get a chance to borrow the car for almost a week and drive down to Toronto to visit people, and they tell me it’s probably a bad idea because of the SARS thing. Oh how my timing is splendiferous.

Computer’s quite dead. I put the old motherboard back into it, and Windoze XP won’t even consider talking to it. I could reformat and reinstall ME, but ME refused to connect to the LAN, and one of the only things I use the computer for right now is Neverwinter Nights on LAN. The other is working on/scanning my photos, generally for the purpose of uploading them, which I can’t do anyway since we can’t get the computers downstairs online without highspeed, which isn’t available here.

Apparently I still don’t have quite enough character yet. If this is meant to teach me patience, it’s not working very well.

Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure the collection agencies are calling me up here now. I can have no reaction to this that isn’t negative or sarcastic, so I may as well stfu about it now.

It’s okay though. Scrunt will sit on my lap and drool on me which will make everything better.