I went out with the car last night and drove west until I hit the town of Elk Lake. It was dark by then, being about a 45 minute drive. Nice road out there though, I’ve never been that way before.

Elk Lake was a pretty bland sort of place… It had a tavern, a corner store and a Liquor Store, and it was built at a place where the Montreal river meets up with a smaller river, so the only other distinguishing feature is the two bridges over each river. Otherwise, there’s virtually nothing memorable about the place. Not that I stopped to get out of the car or anything, I just turned around in the LCBO parking lot and drove back to New Liskeard. I pulled off the main road for a bit onto a gravel side road so I could get a clear dark view of the stars… it was chilly, but still lovely. I think I was out driving for about an hour and 45 minutes or so… It was nice, and I played one of my mix tapes as loud as I could stand.

I am checking Toronto’s news for information about SARS. At this point, our trip is still planned for this Wednesday til next Tuesday (with a brief jaunt to London for apartment-hunting purposes for Vachel.) So yeah… if you’re in Toronto and want to see me or Adam over the next week, send me an email and we’ll figure something out.

I love road trips.