Bucky is Dayle. It’s almost frightning. Especially the pink harness.

Today was another mostly tv day. Well, mostly movies on tv, actually. Having the movie channels is both good and bad sometimes. We did go out a bit today with a couple of friends of Adam’s who’re in town for Easter. I am once again sick of tv (although not headache-sick like the other day) and don’t know what to do with the rest of the evening.

My cough is almost gone. I can hear my lungs rattling a little bit now sometimes, but I only cough once or twice an hour, unless I go outside into a radical temperature change. Then I cough for about fifteen minutes or so. I still can’t sing or anything, though.

The scanner is once again working on my computer – I had to enable the USB ports in the CMOS. I don’t really feel like updating the site, though, since I can only upload on dialup and it’s a massive project of doom to consider such a thing. Plus, there would be much transferring of files from my computer to this one (which is too far away to be on the network.) I do have a very cute picture of belli and cyn at the small gathering we had just before we moved up here. Might upload that if I get ambitious.

Thinking about learning the bnl song Helicopters. It’s a very strange sort of protest song that I can’t really explain. There are some people here planning an anti-war art show night thing. If they ask me to play and if I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll do that one. Not exactly an anti-war song… more an anti-anti-war song. Lyrics at this link for the truly curious. Otherwise, just take my word for it.