Dayle hears birds out the open window. He has become Dayle the UBERWHINEY.

Freda (Frida?) is playing downtown tonight. Might go see it.

The lake and river were thawing this weekend, so the entire place was foggy for days on end. It’s not foggy today, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. I’d like for the weather to settle down for a bit… The only times I really cough a lot now are when I go outside… so for now the weather has no impact on me anyhow, since I try to not go outside. I kinda like fog, actually, but haven’t managed to get the pictures I want of it yet. Doesn’t help that the moisture in the air puts me into a massive coughing fit, but hey.

Gah! I feel like there’s something stuck in my eye. Must go try and flush it out. Developing a twitch.

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  • msfancypants

    April 21, 2003 at 2:43 pm

    Frida? Frida from the 80’s Friday?