Turns out there was no zoo at the zoo yesterday. It’s turned into a wildlife rehab centre, and we were actually going to the trailer sales lot next door to it to raise money for the centre and to look at trailers and RVs. We then came home and tore lots of weeds out of the front garden – suddenly it looked like a garden and not an overgrown field of grass. Then I listened to two Matchbox 20 albums back to back and sat on my bed until we ate dinner.

Last night was the night of cameos in my dreams. First I ran into Stephen Robertson from high school and we chatted about what he’s up to now, and then about all the things that are on my mind these days (mostly about things I’ve been kind of upset about lately.) Then I went out and met up with Adam. We walked out to the King & Dufferin area of Toronto, and I noticed we were at the building where Ian Greenwood works, so I said we should call his cell and see if he wanted to do lunch.

As we were phoning him, he ran out of the building, very happy to see us. He’s been lonely these days, so this wasn’t surprising. We decided to walk to some place for lunch nearby. As we were walking I got a phone call from my friend Jon Ball (from high school.) We ended up chatting on the phone for a long time. I woke up a bit later feeling extremely disconnected and lonely. Yes, it’s getting to me.

Greetings JennyLee —
Here is your horoscope for Monday, May 5:
Today comes with a round of challenges. By afternoon, you’ll know how to get what you want. Your recent good fortune has strengthened you instead of making you soft.

Recent good fortune of what sort? I need these things pointed out to me sometimes.