We’re driving Adam’s mom to the lake today so she can spend a couple of days at the cottage. It’s a really nice, warm day out, so it should be a good drive. Maybe I’ll see something to take pictures of. Maybe I’ll find some job that’ll make it worthwhile for me to stay up here and make money without having to pay rent so that when we move back we’ll have enough to not starve. I still haven’t heard from more than three people in my massive email request for information. I’ve been wondering over the past couple of months if my email’s even sending… I hardly ever seem to get replies. Might be something wrong with the webmail.

I probably won’t see Matrix Reloaded for a while. We’re not going to go to the local theatre (The Empire) and see it there… it’d just be too painful. Besides that, we haven’t got any cash to do so anyhow. It’ll have to wait til either we go to Toronto for a visit, or we save up enough cash to drive to North Bay and see it there.


  • duhbigman

    May 15, 2003 at 10:17 am

    What’s wrong with the Empire, is it that bad?

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 15, 2003 at 3:38 pm

      Problems with the Empire are as follows:

    • It used to have one screen, but they split the theatre in half and put a wall up so there could be two. This means that the screens are not only very small, but they’re proportioned wrong for film.
    • The seats are old and exceptionally uncomfortable. Atanaranjuat and The Pianist were both painful to sit through, although through no fault of the films themselves as far as I could tell. Hard to have an opinion on the movie when all you can think about is the pain you’re in. Lord of the Rings was almost deadly. Your legs go numb after an hour or so.
    • The sound system is noisy, fuzzy, and either too loud or too quiet on different nights. Also, there is no such thing as Dolby or DTS. Because of this, movies full of special effects are almost pointless to watch, since mostly we go to special effects movies to see (and hear) massive explosions. Destruction is nice.
    • The only good thing about it is the fact that the movies are $6.75 or less. The problem is, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not even worth that much to put myself through the pain of being there. It really is that bad.