Today is cool and rainy, but still no thunder storm. I’m anxious to have one. Storms are fun. Maybe it’ll hold off until we’re at the cottage… the last great thunder storm I saw was there. That one was insane, though.

Adam’s downstairs on my computer recreating this house and the people in it so that I can later play them in the Sims.it should be amusing. I’m going to have to steer all the couples in the right direction (towards each other) because if Jordy ended up in love with his mom that would just be freaky and wrong.

I have a bug bite on my neck. It’s driving me mad.

Must think of something to do today. Maybe Kelli can help…

Greetings JennyLee —
Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, May 20:
Too much time alone with your feelings could lead to a standstill. Construct instead of treading water. As long as you stay within the rules, no one will harass you about mistakes. Style is a good conversation starter.

Hmmm. I think her advice is ‘do SOMETHING.’ Yeah, I know that much. I’ve already had way too much time alone with my feelings, and I’ve felt like I’m at a standstill on and off for a coule of months now. So helpful, Kelli is.