Got back to Liskeard in the early evening yesterday. I was greeted at the door by a fresh pile of cat puke. I walked downstairs (and the house smelled awful I tell you) to look at the tv room in the basement, and found a huge ugly mess, torn papers everywhere, dirty dishes from last week lying around. Absolute filth. Then I walked into the downstairs bathroom and found a massive pile of wet, used towels. Because we’d been gone for a week, and the rest of Adam’s family gone since Saturday, I knew they’d been lying there a while. I’ve told Jordy a few times that leaving wet towels on the floor of the bathroom is a very bad idea – Dayle will pee on them. And so he did. The bathroom smelled revolting.

Adam and I spent a couple of hours after the five and a half hour drive just cleaning up our living space. I seriously can’t wait until I’m only responsible for myself again.

Dayle’s been needy since we got back. He’s lying on the desk in front of this monitor right now. It’s very sweet.

It appears to be just as hot here as it was in Toronto, but there’s no smog warning. Supposedly going to thunderstorm this afternoon… I hope so.

I got a mountaing bike – a Giant Rincon that’s silver and black. It’s really cool. Now I just have to learn how not to fall off it when riding down a trail… this having brakes thing is novel.

belli rocks my world.

The zoo is very very cool. We spent about seven hours there on Monday, and it was a whole lot of fun. I took many pictures. I’m officially out of film again.

We also saw the Hulk on Sunday. I really liked it.

Visiting Toronto made me miss it more. There’s so much going on there right now… And so much to do that’s free, or just the cost of transit. Meh.

We had no internet from last thursday until today. Having highspeed for that one day was so good, and so painful… now back to regularly scheduled dialup.

I should go plant the morning glories today.

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  • antiwesley

    June 26, 2003 at 11:58 am

    Doesn’t just rock everyone’s world?
    I thought that was a given. 🙂