I wonder if perogies and alfredo sauce would be good? I like perogies. I like alfredo sauce. I don’t see why not, really…

I planted the Morning Glories and the Ivy plants today. Also weeded the back garden by the dog kennel, since it pretty much needed it badly. The front garden’s doing well, the Lily that we thought was never coming up actually poked its head out of the dirt today. We only planted it in mid-May or so…

I’m desperately going to need hanging houseplants when I move back into an apartment. Plants are my friends. Hanging ones mainly because Dayle thinks plants are a light snack.

We went to the electronics store last night to check out a sale they were having. I asked about two-way satellite internet, they said it’s still on its way. It’s been on its way since we moved here seven months ago. Much like the concept of people ever coming up to visit me here (not including Bacchanalia,) I’ll believe it when I see it.

We just got the new Astronomer Magazine. It just reminds me how frightning a place Io really is. Definitely not getting a summer house there. Otherwise, the magazine’s all about Mars, what with the whole Mars being super-close to earth right now and stuff, and the Mars landers being launched by Nasa, and so on. Yeah, Mars is pretty neat… but no volcanoes.

I must be hungry, I’m rambling.


  • paullie

    June 27, 2003 at 6:26 pm

    lemme know how that goes…the perogies and alfredo. I like both those things too, and it sounds like it might be good.

  • mishamish

    June 27, 2003 at 7:29 pm

    NOOOOOO! Sacrilege!! Shame on you AND paullie! Pirogiries must be eaten HOT and STEAMING, FRESH from the pot, with SOUR CREAM! Bozhe moi, Vas detie… oi nyu… Pochemoo Ya zhiel ob vasyem, Ya ne zhanyoo…

    Anyway, all right, all right… I get the picture… I’m supposed to have coffee with someone in NYC as soon as I get the gas-money and a few days off… I’ll make sure I can hop across the border and come see you as well… YEESH!