Don’t feel like talking about anything here. Thank god the clocks change and I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Maybe that’ll make me feel better.

I hereby give up on email as a form of communication. People don’t write emails, they send forwards. And half the time people don’t reply to personal emails they’ve been sent. It’s basically pointless. I learned this when I lived up north. Now that I’m back in Toronto, nothing’s changed. I see people just as much now as I did up there. And yes, I am in the mood to feel sorry for myself, probably due to lack of sleep and needing food.

For one more week, this is my mailing address. Then I move again:

417 Pape Ave. #2

If anyone wants to talk to me, or see me, or find out how I’m doing, then feel free to call. I’m in directory listings if you call the 411 thingie – under my last name, faller. Or just use the number I previously gave to those of you who asked for my number. If you want my new address… well, whatever. If you want to find me, you will.


  • ashkitty

    October 26, 2003 at 1:03 am


  • chrisg

    October 26, 2003 at 1:30 am

    I don’t really use email much for communication, either. Mostly just mailing lists and such. I stick to IRC or some IM service to keep in touch these days. Since more people have always-on connections.