I need a new default livejournal userpic. I don’t think there’s been any recent pictures taken of me though. Well, there’s the one Santo at work took, I guess… I’ll see if that’s a good one.

Our manager at work is gone for at least a week. I guess it’s ‘trial by fire’ time for the new assistant manager… should be entertaining.

I think one of the problems I have with living in Toronto at this point is the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to get anywhere remote from here without a car. I don’t have the capability of renting a car. Neither do I know anyone from whom I could borrow a car (generally it’s best to borrow cars from family, I’ve found.) And while yes, I could take a bus and leave town for someplace, I don’t have the control and ability to just stop randomly along the way… I’m stuck wherever I end up. That could certainly be fun, but it’s also frustrating. Not to mention the fact that my job only gives me one day off a week, so taking a bus somewhere and coming back is a difficult proposition to manage while still having time to take some pictures and/or explore.

Not exactly complaining… just observing. I’m still stuck here for a while.