Home from work. I still can’t believe I organized, categorized and labelled my negatives. Next I need a filing cabinet for them, then I’ll make a cross-referenced excel spreadsheet or something to tell me what photos can be found on which labelled set of negatives… I love organizing things. And I’m actually not being sarcastic.

The show only had about 860ish people tonight. For a Friday night, that’s not so great. I had a bar shift, though, which is generally a lot of fun.

Dayle’s crying again… we put his food in a bowl with a lid, so now he can’t eat through the bag and feed himself. He’s quite indignant about this, which makes him completely insufferable. Such an evil beast. And yet I love him.

Adam’s playing Gunbound. I’m trying not to, because it’s a double day tomorrow and if I start playing now I won’t want to quit until 4am, and that’s just no good the night before a double day.