Today went pretty much as expected. We wandered the city looking at various bike shops, then met up with Jordy and looked at a few more bike shops. We then went up to North York (Steeles & Bathurst) to visit Adam & Jordy’s grandmother, who took us out for dinner. It was fun. After that we just came home… all that walking and transiting around the city pretty much did us in. It’s nice to be home.

The rumour is we might be making a trip next year with Adam’s parents and brothers to somewhere to use their timeshare resort. The original idea was Florida, but Florida’s kinda boring when you can’t afford to go to the theme parks… so we’re trying to figure out where else we can go that would be interesting (and cheaper than Florida theme parks) since the timeshare can be moved around to different places. I’m thinking rainforest, or tropical, or mexican, or something with many photo opportunities… Mmmm photo opportunities…. My life is about the photo ops.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a coffee date with the Weirmier before work. I’ve missed him so… He’s asked me to do some photo work for him to put up on his new website. That should be fun, since Weirmiers are the best people in the world to work with.

MSN Messenger appears to be horribly busted. Oh well, I’ve still got AIM and IRC.

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  • laquira

    February 9, 2004 at 8:12 pm


    not IRC!