I took NyQuil last night, which made me fall instantly into a Zombie-like sleep. Got up in the morning, still Zombie-ish, and went to work. Couldn’t wake up for most of the day at work, which was quite frustrating really, but I got through it and met up with Adam after work.

He gave me flowers and chocolates and we went for steak and then saw Big Fish. It was a lovely date… he’s such a sweetie. The flowers are beautiful. I wasn’t expecting any of it, to be honest, which is what made it all so very nice.

Tomorrow I was hoping to sleep in, but it turns out we have to meet Adam’s mom by noon in the mid-north of town, which means leaving the house earlier than we do when we go to work. Blah. I miss you sleep! I don’t think I’ll do NyQuil tonight – don’t want to be a zombie again.

I should do more scanning. Or something.