Work was the same as ever. I thought I could smell an electrical fire, but nothing came of it – probably just new gels or bulbs in the stage lights. It went away after intermission. Or I got used to it, whichever. Tomorrow I’m on door, which is fine with me. I don’t have to watch much of the show when I’m on door, and the whole shift just goes a lot quicker, which is nice. Bartending on a Wednesday matinee is generally uneventful, the old people don’t like to come down the stairs to the bar and the kids in upper balcony don’t drink anything but water and pop. But it’s better than standing around doing nothing. I hate doing nothing. So very very much.

I took the negatives in to get prints made to hang at Chat Noir Books up north. My first show, I guess… does it count that I’m friends with the people who own the shop? I chose all local to the region photos, because the people up north really love to see pictures and paintings of their region. Very localized people. If I sent any pictures of Toronto up there, I’d be shunned.

Now I just have to finish up the new site… I’ll be finishing the scanning this week, then upload them and start on the design for the galleries and stuff. The design’s done, actually, it’s just the programming that needs to be dealt with. I hate programming.

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  • spadoink

    February 17, 2004 at 9:45 pm

    a first show is a first show. counts of course! way to go.