Fed the cats. They were thrilled. Sera’s now hanging out at my feet under my ‘desk.’ My feet, however, smell horrific today (double days do that to me) and I don’t know how she’s managing to survive. She’s a strange beast, that Sera.

I picked up my prints today. I’m about 50% pleased with them. I’ll have to take a couple of them back and ask what went wrong, and see if they can fix it. I’ll also bring in the original 4×6 and maybe a CD with the scans I made of them, see if they can do anything with it. Especially the 11×14 that didn’t turn out – I really wanted a nice copy of that one. If they get it right, maybe two copies… I’d love that one for my own wall. And then some 8x10s to sell and/or give away.

I think I may switch to getting digital prints made. This whole getting prints from negatives thing is just a pain in the ass… I can’t explain exactly what they need to do, and when I get it back all I can do is say what’s wrong and make them do it again. It seems a waste of my and their time. And really, if I could make a good scan, colour correct and burn and dodge and get the contrast right all beforehand in Photoshop, then why should I be wasting all that time? I’ll try that next and see how it goes. If it’s better, I’ll stick with that from now on.

The ones that turned out fine are the stars reflected in the lake photo (which I was worried about,) the Cobalt ruins photo, the canoes at sunset, and the Temiskaming cliff (Devil’s Rock.) The ones that didn’t turn out are the Pete’s dam stream, Pete’s dam waterfall, Temagami Sunrise, and Kap-Kig-Iwan waterfall. I’m going to bring in prints for the Pete’s Dam ones (4×6’s) and probably bring a CD with the digitall repaired Temagami Sunrise picture (the negative is dirty, as well as the colour they didn’t do well in the print.) The Kap-Kig picture I’m going to change over to black & white and see how it looks. I think it might work better as black & white than it does as colour.

They call this process learning, right?


  • strange

    February 19, 2004 at 7:44 am

    I just got a photo printer. Maybe if you pitch in for ink / paper we could work something out. It does a very nice job on prints. I would probably recommend getting them high quality scanned somewhere first though because my scanner is real old and no so good anymore.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      February 19, 2004 at 8:17 am

      I have a photo printer. I have to buy a cartridge for it, which is cheaper than getting prints made, but still expensive…. plus it doesn’t do 11×14, which won’t work for one of the prints. I’ve got some 8×10 paper, but I want archival quality, so if I go that way I’d have to pick up better paper. My scanner kicks ass, however (negative/flatbed combo scanner) and I’ve been doing my own scans pretty easily with it for a while. I just wanted to try a pro lab to figure out how it works out. Just makes me want to be in the darkroom myself, however… I guess I’m a control freak. Not that I’ve ever worked in a colour darkroom in my life.

      Thanks though! 🙂

  • mishamish

    February 19, 2004 at 10:12 pm

    Cats love stinky feet, I can’t explain it. My ex-cats (which live with my ex-wife in my ex-house) used to go nuts over my old nasty, leather sandals. I think one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was waking up one morning to find Greymalk (while still a kitten) asleep inside the sandal, her head sticking out the toe area, her back paws in the heel.

    As for the photography stuff, you lost me at the word ‘prints.’ I’m a word smith… the visual arts lose me quickly.