Today’s mail brought me a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Now I want a new bra of the non-itchy variety. There’s also a beautiful crocheted sweater that I really like. Mmmmm clothing… maybe I’ll start saving up my tips to buy some clothing…

I received an anonymous gift of paid livejournal! Thanks to whoever Anonymous is… now I’ll have to take some pictures and make new icons.


  • vaporlock

    February 20, 2004 at 9:34 pm

    A non-itchy variety? Like…you mean like a sportsbra? Because, I don’t know, but does VS sell that? 🙂

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      February 20, 2004 at 9:38 pm

      They do, actually… They’ve got everything these days.

      I’ll probably just go to La Senza. Easier to shop at a store than from a catalog, and we don’t have the Vic’s stores up here.