Played some gunbound, and was awful. Emma would’ve kicked my ass if she’d been on my team.

The double show day today was uneventful, other than the cast being completely off for the second show. Rumour was they had a party between shows, and some of them maybe had some drinks. Either way, they were definitely not fantastic. However, tomorrow is Thursday, and I like Thursdays. Plus I can pick up the two photos I took in for printing that I had redone this week. I’ve also started trying to save my tips, I’m collecting them in a container. So far I have one dollar (the other two dollars tip I made today I spent on chocolate bars at work. Damn Letty and her chocolate bars for sale…) Tomorrow I’m not in a tip-receiving position, so I won’t be adding to it then, but maybe later on in the week. If I’m lucky.

Now that I’m done with Gunbound, though, it’s just about time for bed. I like bed. It’s where I sleep. Among other things.