It’s nice enough out that I opened up the window. Dayle and Sera immediately flocked to it, now they’re staring out at the world. Oh the wonderful smells they’re discovering! Maybe this means Dayle will actually sleep tonight instead of yowl at the bedroom doors all night long. I can only hope.

I’m very bored. Adam’s playing Unreal. I don’t much feel like gaming today, so I’m not going to start Black & White or anything… just don’t feel like it. I just keep hitting the send/receive button in my email, hoping that someone has emailed me. No one has recently though. At least not in the past hour or so… in fact, the last email I got was an lj comment at 2:13pm. An hour almost exactly. And I’m bored enough that I checked.

So nice out. I should go outside to the beach or something.