I did this online quiz at Monster.ca to find out what my job search strategy is like, and all it told me was that I have mixed feelings about how much I control my external environment. I’m guessing they tell me that because I think that to get a good job you have to know someone already inside who can put your resume in for you, but once you’re in a job you get promotions and recognition based on what you accomplish. Not that I’m trying to analyze the quiz or anything.

Damnit I’m tired of the job search. I feel as though I’ve been looking for a good, solid job since 1999. Everything I’ve had in between then and now has been either temporary or something I’d rather not be doing. It’s really quite draining.

Ah well. I’m sincerely hoping that something works out soon. I need to start saving money, or else I won’t have a wedding. And that would make me very sad.